New Zealand with the Canon 200D - Part 2

So...after a MAMMOTH drive north from Dunedin to Picton we arrive to rain and a super flash comfy apartment on the waterfront.

The following morning the rain was not letting up, but off we went and checked into our Queen Charlotte track company down at the jetty.

We ducked into a pharmacy prior to stock up on more drugs, as my cold was getting worse and we would be away from supplies for the next 5 days. The lady here specifically said to me "don't get wet" and having had pneumonia before a few years back I wasn't keen on getting it again, especially somewhere so remote.

So Day 1 was physically and mentally tough. Hiking on wet paths and visibility average, every now and then we were rewarded with a glimpse of the views. All of our clothes and backpacks only lasted a few hours before they were just too saturated and everything that wasn't inside a plastic bag was ruined. So glad I opted for keeping the camera (and passport) in with my transferred luggage. I got wet under my jacket. Luckily I could borrow a top from one of the others, but I was concerned about getting sicker overnight.

As it turned out I felt a bit better the next morning and after a late breakfast the sun came out. We had hung all our wet clothing and backpacks in the rooms with the heaters on to dry them overnight, and resorted to sticking the room supplied hair dryers in our shoes to make sure they were bone dry before heading out again. The going was much easier without the heavy rain, though the track was very muddy by this stage, so had to walk carefully and pick our way through some sections of thick mud.

It was an amazing walk as we were low down onto the banks following the waters edge, however the muddiness made it hard on my knees and coupled with my cold I opted to have the following day off. This also meant I could get out with the 200D a bit and photograph all day..sounds like a much better option to me!

SO I caught the next boat to the next lodge and frolicked around Portage for the day, though avoided any downhill sections so my knees could have a break.

Discovered the 200D is not so good in low light, certainly better than the iPhone.

This image was taken from our balcony at The Punga Cove Resort.

The fog didn't lift until well into the morning so my boat trip was awesome for getting some shots in the fog and mist.