So, the snow season was not going to break any records this year, in fact it was a balmy minus 2 when I went for this walk in search of some landscapes.

I didn't need to worry about the Canons battery dying, and I could shoot without gloves on, for a change.

I discovered these great snowdrifts only a few hundred metres from our fabulous accommodation. They were taken from a road! No wading thigh deep for these ones, which was also nice. There was a snowstorm brewing up from the west just as the sun was snuggling down for the evening making a great moody sky.

Most are these are at f5 or f3.2 to blur out the moody sky to give a painterly look to the images.

The hardest part was exposing for the snow so as to not blow out the whites.

A couple of shots on the way back home.