Gondola Graveyard - Japan part 2

So....had a break from skiing and went for a walk with the Canon in the snow. It was snowing lightly, just perfect really. There was a forest about half a kilometre from our house I had been eyeing off, to photograph, from the ski fields.

After walking up the hill into the forest I found a flat platform, maybe an old parking lot, which was covered in deep snow. Parked up on these flats were a few old gondolas, shacks and bits of disused equipment. They made for some great subjects in amongst the birch trees.

If I stuck to the centre of it I was OK, only sunk down to my knees and walking was manageable. A couple of times I did go off to the side a little too much, like to get some of these shots, and disappeared up to mid thigh in the fluffy stuff. At least I wasn't going to fall over:)

The hardest thing about photography in the snow is getting the exposure right. It is easy to overexpose and blow out the highlights so I shot everything manually, as usual, and stopped down one or two stops.

On another day I walked about 5-6 kms down to the river that divides the ski village from the town of Furano. There was a great forest there too plus some great classic architecture in the snow. Found this great abandoned log cabin with its piles of chopped up wood ready for the next visitor. I could so happily live here!

There were little bird boxes hanging from the trees, it was so cute!

Here are some more images I made from the trip back up the hill of a mix of architecture.

Snowing a lot heavier when I took this one, and quite windy, though still only about minus 4 or 5.