Beautiful Birch and Snowy Landscapes - Japan part 3

I just love these gorgeous birch trees in Japan, and Hokkaido has plenty of them.

I photographed some amazing forests with snow covered floors as well as some parks in the area we stayed at.

This park had a cross country ski course running through it, so occasionally a skier would pass by on their special skis. Apart from this is was silent.

I have desaturated these images slightly, but they are pretty much as seen, very monotoned.

This was taken from the lower section of the ski village looking up towards the ski runs. The lights had just turned on for night skiing.

I walked a far way to get to this forest. Once inside I had to stick to the paths so I didn't sink down too much. I didn't see any squirrels or rabbits which was disappointing, but loved the serenity.

Stumbled across this gorgeous little bridge

This is the view from the top gondola of Furano-shi. The main village of Furano and its surrounding mountain ranges.

Possibly my favourite image from the whole trip...the ridge from the top of the gondola looking up towards the west, at sunset.