When Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Queensland, Australia, we found ourselves in a lockdown situation for 2-3 months.
At home, with all this extra time, I started to adapt my business and create something new. These surreal landscape composites, which I call The Un-Scenes, helped me stay creative, reduced my anxiety, and have turned into a whole new project I am eager to keep working on.
It all started by browsing through my huge library of images collected over the years, and thinking about what could I do with them.

So…. what if I make my own scenes from the material I already have?
Take the dramatic sky from here, use that beach scene from there, and add some elements that you wouldn’t normally find in this environment.
I named my first creation “Almost Abandoned”. I was hooked.
After making two more in this “Spooky” theme, the Starry Night series developed. I picked up a blank notebook and started writing my ideas down; future themes, images I knew that would be perfect for this, and a plan for what these images were about. Soon enough half the book was filled with my chicken scratchings, diagrams, and ideas.

The basis was:
  • - create atmosphere; drama from lighting, fog, smoke, dust etc
  • - all elements used have to be photographed by myself
  • - series of 3 for each theme that compliment each other
  • - 16x9 landscape format
  • - something reminiscent of our childhood memories to appear

One of the biggest challenges I have found is getting a foreground to suit. Generally, I don’t take pictures of very plain landscapes, and this is what my library is missing. So I am still out there shooting but collecting a different library of images now, keeping in mind the possible end use for these images.
  • Pricing Info


    Images are available as print only or as framed prints.

    Print Only:

    All prints are printed on archival matte photographic paper and the sizes indicated below includes a white border with the image title printed on the white border, centre bottom.
    Shaz Spannenburg Photography is faintly printed bottom right hand side.
    Prices include GST, postage and handling is include within Australia.
    Overseas postage may incur extra charges.

    Small 41 x 24.5cm $450
    Medium 36 x 60cm $540
    Large 48 x 80cm $670

    Framed Print:

    The sizes below are the total size of the finished framed product. matts can be black or white. frames can be black, white or light oak.

    Small 38.5 x 55cm $840
    Medium 54 x 78cm $1,100
    Large 72 x 104cm $1,470


    Please email us with details if you wish to place an order including any customisation you may wish such as print on canvas (or any other medium) or a custom size for example.

    We will confirm all the details and pricing (including postage) for your approval.

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