The addition of one colour in your images can make them pop - do you know what this one colour is???

June 2017

Well you've probably guessed it, its red!! Why does red really stand out and just give an image that extra pop. There are several reasons I can think of.
Even though red is a primary colour, its not a colour that occurs a lot in nature, especially if you exclude flora.

Red is in our lives all over the place, famous brands use it in their logos, traffic lights, stop signs etc, but why? Because red draws the eye. 

Take a look at this image, it takes a while to actually notice the other elements in the shot, the trees flowers get all the attention.

Take these two images: I have desaturated the red colour from this temple top, looks much better with the red.

And here I have taken the red from the RHS window frame where the eye immediately is drawn to, now it is drawn to the red on the LHS as it is the next dominating area.

More examples of red domination