Fireworks Addiction

November 2017

#fireworks #longexposures #focuspull #focus #nightphotography

Well it's not as bad as my COFFEE addiction, but continues. Though, must admit I am not attending EVERY SINGLE ONE in town anymore, becoming a little more choosy.

I'm talking about my fireworks long exposure shooting "addiction", the mere word "fireworks" gets plenty of eye rolling in my family.

Anyway, here are some recent ones from a small display last week.

The best ones to capture obviously are the high single boom ones, where I did manage to get an almost perfect flower effect, but also got lots of new different effects as well.

Green sky monster: All these are at 1.3 sec and vary from f4-f6.3
Generally there is not time for any changes to settings, if you do have time for anything it is tilting the lens direction and maybe an aperture change and thats it, or be prepared to miss out on a few.

 Love the colour variations in this one

Shot between two different blasts so have the after effects of one and the shooting trail of another.

I actually prefer this one inverted.

This being the almost perfect one, but not wide enough to fit the entire blast in.

Missed this one completely, but don't mind it, for something different

I call this the "rocket launch" shot. Lots going on.

The finale... whispering out


So I will miss the NYE fireworks here in cairns the year, but will be in a place where there may be some bigger ones, stay tuned.....