Capturing Silhouettes - Part 2 Urban

Silhouettes in the urban environment can be pretty cool to find and shoot.

#silhouettes # urbanphotography #streetphotography
Heres some samples from the last year or two when I was doing my 365 project.

Simple but effective way of improving sunsets and cool skies is to add a bit of an urban silhouette, here in the form of the lightest, park trees and a few cars. Using the reflection in the puddle makes the image more interesting. Just expose for the sky and the foreground will be naturally dark and silhouetted.

Using other people as subjects for the silhouettes. This was obviously late afternoon to get the longer shadows.

Just a crappy car park garden, but saw the shadows on the wall to complement the garden in the foreground.

Used a small depth of field here to make the image a bit more interesting, expose for background once again.

Classic urban silhouette of powerlines, you can find these everywhere, just wait for the right time of day and a bit of colour and or texture in the sky is always good.

Once you start looking for shadows you start to see them everywhere.  Unfortunately this time of day just doesn't last as long as I would like it to!!

I love the depth all the different lines bring this image, especially the diagonal ones on the path.

A classic North Queensland silhouette to say goodnight! 
1/800 th sec f8 ISO 100