Capturing Silhouettes - in nature

Silhouettes can add so much drama to a scene or be the main focus of a scene.

So to get a silhouette you need to shoot into brightness, whether it's the sun or an artificial source of light, you need to expose for the light in the background so the foreground or whatever the subject we want to make a silhouette of, is dark.

We also need to have a large depth of field, so F stops larger than 8 are ideal so the silhouettes are sharp. If the background is of no interest, as below, then smaller dof is better and puts more focus on your silhouette subject, especially if its a repetitive subject.
If shooting towards the sun, we need super fast shutters

f9 1/1000th sec

f2.2 1/800th sec

f2.8 1/1000th sec

Here's an example of making an ordinary sunset a bit more exciting using silhouettes.
These were taken on the Gold Coast a year ago, so beautiful winters days with magical sunsets. The beach itself was devoid of anything interesting, but walking back to the street opened up a whole range of different subjects to use.

This next shot is one of my favourite shots that I often throw into a background of a shot with some texture, on its own is OK but its not super sharp due to the speed of the birds and low light.

There's something about this shot that I love , not sure what it is...I think it may be the repetition of branches curving similar to the whisps of curvy clouds

Classic silhouettes, beach sunset, fisherman....
1/640th sec f5.6

The drooping branch and spider make this shot quite eerie...
1/2000th sec f7.1

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