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Studio Session Information
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Family / Baby Portraits
  • Portraits


    Portrait session fees are $150 incl GST which covers time, talent and return viewing session.
    I have packages available if you just wish to purchase files or files plus prints.

    Most family sessions take one hour, baby sessions around 2 hours.

    Your images will be ready for viewing one week after the session, allow approximately one hour. There will be between 40-80 images to chose from.
    Choose classic simple clothing that will not date and avoid busy patterns and stripes for your portraits.
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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Beauty

Beauty Portraits

  • What is a beauty portrait?

    A beauty session is a fun, stress free photo session for just yourself or a small group of friends. Hair and makeup artists will be at the studio when you arrive to make you look stunning without going too over the top. I will pose and direct you to suit your body shape, age and style of images you are after.
    Please bring along at least 2-3 outfits, formal if you want corporate images, casual if you want just to be normal you, and lingerie if you want these for a partner. Jeans and a classic black or white shirt are always great to start with.

    To make the most out of your pamper session, tie in your session date with a dinner date for late lunch or even that night.

    Each session takes approximately 3 hours.
    You will have around 20-30 images to choose from.
  • What you need to prepare for your beauty portrait session:

    Clean dry hair

    Avoid wearing anything that may give you marks on your shoulders if you want your shoulders exposed in shots. Separate top and bottom makes changes easier.

    Great eyebrows are the key to great portraits and are as equally important as great eye makeup, and if you can have them professionally done a few days before, even better. Having them done on the day may leave your brow line a little red.

    Avoid spray tans

    Trim any upper body hair if you wish

    Moisturise your skin but no makeup
  • What you need to bring to your beauty portrait session:

    Two-three outfits maximum, try one black and one colour, or one white and one colour, only the top half is required unless you want full body shots as well. Bring something with sleeves if you wish to cover your upper arms area. Black v-necks are great for slimming and narrowing your upper body. Jewellery and extras like boots, high heels etc are also great if you want fuller shots. Lingerie is great too. I have plenty of options to choose from here if you do not feel you have anything suitable.
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  • Prices and Packages:

    Session fees are $250 for all 3 artists, photographer, hair and makeup.

    Group sessions are less for more people in attendance as follows, with a maximum of 4.

    Group Packages:

    2 people $175 ea

    3 people $150 ea

    4 people $137.50 ea

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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Maternity

Maternity Portraits

  • Maternity Session Info:

    The best time for your maternity session is between 32-36 weeks however it can depend on how you are feeling and what look you are after.
    Bring one or two outfits, but don’t stress as I have a number of suitable items in the studio specifically for these sessions.

    Partners can be involved in some of the session, no extra charge.
    Other siblings are welcome too, but let me know if they are coming and please bring someone to look after them while you are having your individual portraits taken.

    Sessions will take 45min-one hour.

    Mums to Be Pampering Session
    This is a combination of a beauty session and a maternity session.
    Same fees apply as per beauty sessions and a hair and makeup artist are on site.
    These sessions take 3 hours, available in the mornings only.
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  • Pregnancy Journal Book:

    This is a new product that follows your pregnancy journey from when you first discover you are pregnant right through to the end of your pregnancy.

    Your own words, thoughts and feelings are added throughout the book as well as baby's progress scans.

    This is a great keepsake book to remind you of this wonderful time in your life.
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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Birth

Birth Photography

Birth Photography – FAQ’s

Q: What is Birth Photography?

A: a documentary style set of images of the day a woman becomes a mother. I try to capture the multitude of emotions that a woman goes through on their birthing day as well as the strong bond between a woman and her partner.

I will be a “fly on the wall” and will not disturb your birthing space or ask you to pose. I will not interfere with any hospital medical staff just to get “the shot” - health and safety of mum and bub comes first.

Having the photography taken care of frees up your birthing partner to actually be there for you as well as be in the images too.

Q: Do you shoot Video as well?

A: My Canon 1Dx is capable of shooting high definition video. If time permits, and it is appropriate to do so, I will shoot some video to incorporate into the final slideshow product together with beautiful licensed music. Cairns Private Hospital does not allow video on the labour ward.

Q: Will you use flash photography?

A: Flash photography is not appropriate in a birthing situation for either the mother and baby or medical staff.

The room may be dimly lit but there will be available light coming from surrounding area such that the medical staff can see what they are doing. This is the only light that I need. A high ISO (which may cause graininess in images) and a large aperture, such as f1.2 that my 50mm lens offers, is suitable for photography in low light situations. If there is absolutely not enough light I will need to use a flash and bounce the light off the ceiling so it does not interfere with you.
This is your birthing space and I respect that a dark place is generally more suitable and calming than bright lights.

Q: When shall I book for a birth?

A: I suggest meeting me first to make sure you are comfortable with me and to ask any questions you have. Once you have decided you would like this service book as soon as possible so I can lock in the month for you as I can only take 2 birth sessions per month. We will have a second meeting closer to the due date to go through the details.

Q: What do I receive?

• Me being “on call” from 38 weeks until babies birth day
• Photographic coverage from active labour, birth to approximately one hour after the birth.
• All images taken on USB, some in B&W, some in colour. The number of images depends on the length of labour.
• Images at low resolution for social media sharing if you wish.
• Slideshow with licensed music at high resolution.
• Slideshow at lower resolution for mobile devices

Q: Do you offer other products?

A: Yes. I have price lists for birth books (layflat magazine style books) as well as classic printed albums.

Q: When do I get the images/slideshow?

A: Approx 2 weeks after the birth depending on how many images there are and how many births I have had to attend.

Q: Will you use any of my images on your website?

A: No. Only with your written permission and consent will I use these images for marketing birth photography. Obviously these are very private images and I respect this.

The images you receive are for personal use only. You are free to print from them. I will not post any images on social media without your written consent.

Q: Backups?

A: I do have a backup Birth Photographer, just in case I or my children are extremely ill or in an accident. I am in a unique situation where I can offer these services to Cairns families. My children are older and I work for my own business, so I am in a position to be “on call” and work the unusual hours that a birth may occur. I do not photograph weddings or other set contracts where I must be present at a certain date and time. If I or my backup photographer cannot make your birth event due to extreme illness, accident or unforeseen circumstances I will refund your deposit 100% or credit to a newborn session - whichever you prefer.

Q: Payment Options?

A $300 deposit holds your booking and on call dates.
PAYG each month if you wish or pay a lump sum balance at the handing over of the final product.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: No refund of deposit is given if cancelled during the on call period except in the unfortunate case of a pregnancy loss.
If prior to the ‘on call’ period a full refund is given or a credit to newborn session at your option.

Q: Do you have hospital permission and Insurance?

A: I have public liability insurance and permission from both public and private hospitals. I will not capture any images that will identify staff members. You will still need to let them know that I will be present during your labour. The following is a list of the processes for the Cairns Base Hospital to abide by:

• Any images that are taken during the birth process must not include any staff members without their specific written consent
• Any request to cease the photography in the interests of providing care to the woman and her baby must be immediately met
• Patient care remains the primary consideration
• If a third party is to be involved i.e. professional photographer, written permission must be obtained from the designated hospital media liaison officer (Ryan Groube) and the Photo/Video Consent Form must be completed and signed by an appropriate family member
• Photography remains at the discretion of the clinician. The clinician may withdraw consent at any time
Ryan may be contacted on Ryan.Groube@health.qld.gov.au

Q: What does “On Call” mean?

A: “On Call” means I cannot leave town from the date you specify or go on holidays, and am reachable during this time 24/7 via mobile calls or text messages. This is generally from 38 weeks until the birth date. I will assign a special ring tone for you in my phone.

Q: What will you usually capture in the session?

• emotions and interaction with birthing partner/s
• the birthing whether from afar or close
• cutting of the cord if possible
• weighing and measurements afterwards if it happens
• first cuddles
• first family pics
• anything else in particular that you ask eg placenta other siblings if present

Please tell me the most important images you want from the session and I will try my best to achieve this. Sometimes developments along the way simply don’t allow for some things but that is the nature of birth.
Internal exams I will leave the room.
I will also leave if asked by medical staff in an emergency situation.
Mother and babies health and safety comes first.

Q: What if I have a c-section?

A: In an emergency situation safety comes first. I can stay and capture the first family bonding images if you wish. Some doctors may allow me to come into the theatre though in the event of an emergency this will usually not be allowed.

Q: What if I change my mind about the whole thing once I am in labour?

A: If within the “on call” period you will lose your deposit.

If I am already there and you then change your mind I can come back later for a first bonding session once baby is born. The total cost will stay the same. I do not want to put any pressure on you it is completely your decision and I understand it is your right to do this.

Q: What happens if I am already attending a birth?

A: I only will book a limited number of births per month. The first to go into active labour is the one I will attend first if they happen on the same day and my backup photographer will attend the other birth until I am free. In extreme circumstances and neither of us can get to you, you will have your deposit refunded or credited to a newborn session at your option.
If I have another studio booking at the time I will postpone that booking.

Q: What if baby is in the Special Care Unit after birth?

A: I will capture the first special few moments and, depending on how long baby will be, I may be able to photograph some more when they bring baby back.

Q: What if labour starts earlier then 38 weeks?

A: Ring me I may still be able to make it. If I can’t make it you get a refund on the deposit. If you have a quick birth and don’t get to ring me I can still come for a first family bonding session (for the cost of the deposit) or I can credit this deposit towards a newborn session.

Q: When do I contact you to come?

1. Let me know when labour first starts or waters break. If this happens in normal sleeping hours (between 11pm and 7am) don’t ring/text then as I will not be able to get back to sleep. Only ring/text me in this time if in active labour.

IMPORTANT: If you text and I do not respond, assume I did not receive your message, ring me.

2. Ring/text me when active labour starts, your midwife will help with this. You can text me as often as you like to keep me informed. Ideally I’d like to be there from 5-6cm dilated. I would much rather get lots of texts then too few.
3. Notify staff on duty that I will be present in the room for the birth.

First labours can be lengthy, so I don’t want to turn up too early and put pressure on you. If labour stalls, I will go for a walk, phone in hand.

Q: Do I need to let my doctor know you will be there?

A: Yes. All medical professionals involved will need to know that you are having professional photography at your birth.

Q: What if I am having a scheduled birth?

A: For a C-section, normally only partners can be present in the theatre, however if you discuss your wishes with your specialist delivering your baby they may allow a photographer. You must have their permission well in advance.

Q: How long does it take you to get to me?

A: If you are at the hospital I need one hour to get there, park, and present myself at the front desk to be shown to your suite.


1. Birth unscheduled $1100
2. Birth scheduled $800
3. Maternity+Birth or Birth+Newborn
unscheduled $1400
scheduled $1100
4. Maternity+Birth+Newborn
unscheduled $1800
scheduled $1500

These packages include Birth images and slideshow plus all images from the maternity and/or newborn session at both high and low resolution.